We are Alonzo, Saviem,
Thom, Jeanne, Floris,
Sander and Gabriele.

Alonzo Euphrosina

The founder of Bolden and designer who focuses on UI/UX to make sure that a design just works. Business development and entrepreneurship are his other trades.

Technical Business Administration, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

Founder & Designer

Saviem Jansen

The founder of Bolden and developer who blazingly fast translates your concept into the right technical approach. He also loves to think of new company names!

Interactive Media, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

Founder & Developer

Thom van Gessel

A real Bolden veteran, master of abstract software solutions and problem solver 3.0. Currently working part-time to get his master degree in Logic, making it all look too easy.

Dutch Language & Culture, University of Amsterdam


Jeanne Bataille

Designer by heart. Started in print, but joined the user focussed online sphere. She will find the perfect color, alignment, or element that makes the difference.

Visual Communication, Renoir & Estienne (France)


Floris Koch

We call him the human sponge, always looking for more to learn - in a superhuman rate. Specializing in Front-end coding, but also taking Back-end functionality into his realm.

Political Science, University of Amsterdam


Sander Hueting

A hands-on all-round developer. Jack of all trades, Sander is always everywhere on every project.

Communication, Media & Design, University of Applied Sciences Leeuwarden


Gabriele Francescutto

Our newest addition to the Bolden team. He is quickly developing himself, and Bolden, into Laravel 5 specialists.

Computer Science, D'Aronco (Italy)


Bolden is a design and development agency based in Amsterdam. With our team of seven, we combine beautiful and user friendly design with solid coding and stellar service.

+ 31 (0)20 775 41 00 / hello@bolden.nl

Baarsjesweg 134 Bg , 1057 HL Amsterdam , Netherlands